2.43: Seiin High School Boys Volleyball Team Novels End on October 5 – News

Novel series ends with 2nd volume of “next 4years” season

Shueisha‘s description of the second volume of Yukako Kabei‘s 2.43: Seiin Kōkō Danshi Volley-bu next 4years light novel lists the volume as the final overall volume of the entire series. The second volume will ship on October 5.

The story centers on Kimichika Haijima, who got into some serious trouble on his middle school volleyball team. As a result, he transferred from Tokyo to Fukui prefecture, where he again met with his childhood friend, Yuni Kuroba. Yuni has overwhelming talent at volleyball but is weak to pressure. Yuni and Kimichika had become the ace combo of their team in middle school, but they had a fight at the final prefecture tournament. Now in high school at Seiin High School, Kimichika and Yuni have severed their relationship, but both join the volleyball club. Along with the second-year and third-year students in the club, they work to make Seiin High School’s volleyball club a rising star in Fukui prefecture.

Kabei launched the novel series on Shueisha‘s literature site Renzaburo in June 2012. Shueisha began publishing the print version with the first volume in July 2013, with illustrations by Aiji Yamakawa (Chocolate Underground). The novel series so far has four “seasons,” with “next 4years” serving as the fourth season of the novels.

The novels inspired a television anime adaptation that premiered in Fuji TV‘s Noitamina programming block in January 2021. Funimation streamed the anime as it aired in Japan, and also streamed an English dub.

The franchise also has a collection of short stories, and a manga adaptation by Yamakawa that launched in Shueisha‘s Cocohana magazine in its September 2018 issue.

Source: Shueisha‘s 2.43 novels homepage

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