2PM’s Chansung, AK-69, 2AM’s Changmin Perform Re:Monster Anime’s Opening Song – News

The staff for the television anime of Kogitsune Kanekiru‘s Re:Monster light novel series announced on Saturday that Korean group 2PM member Chansung and Japanese hiphop artist AK-69 (featuring 2AM group member Changmin) are performing the opening theme song for the anime titled “Into the Fire.” The staff describe the theme as “an energetic song that combines HIPHOP and ROCK.”

Takuya Satō voices the protagonist Gob-Rou in the anime.

Studio DEEN is in charge of animation, and GENCO is producing the anime.

Kanekiru initially posted the story on the Shōsetsu ni Narō website. AlphaPolis published the first volume in 2012, and the ninth volume in 2017. Yamaada illustrates the novels. AlphaPolis serializes Kobayakawa’s ongoing manga adaptation monthly on its website and released the 10th compiled book volume on September 22.

Seven Seas publishes the manga adaptation and published the seventh volume in English on October 31. Seven Seas describes the manga’s story:

Tomokui Kanata has suffered an early death, but his adventures are far from over. He is reborn into a fantastical world of swords and magic– as a lowly goblin! Not content to let this stop him, the now renamed “Rou” uses his new physical abilities and his old memories to plow ahead in a world where consuming other creatures allows him to acquire their strengths and powers.

The series also inspired a smartphone game of the same name where players take on the role of a goblin. The game launched on Android and iOS in February 2016.

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