A Small Detail Missed in Chapter 1089! – One Piece

At the end of Chapter 1089 York bursts into tears and begs to be saved from being killed by Luffy, much to the shock of Kizaru and the Elders. She is seen chained to the ground and surrounded by the Straw Hats (as well as Bonney, Vegapunk, and Lucci), with Zoro’s sword held over her neck while Usopp, who is no longer petrified, arranges the call. Nami and Vegapunk begin to understand the scope of the situation while Luffy, not fully understanding it, assumes they will escape with York as their shield. This prompts Bonney to realize that they are in fact in a hostage situation.

What if Katarina Devon is within this very image? You may ask why should this be the case?

-Blackbeards Pirates’ infiltration and fates were offpaneled:
-Oda only chose selective figures on this family picture, some are MIA.

So I think we can consider the possibility of a successful infiltration, if we don’t know anything else.

Question to you guys: If the Blackbeard Pirates infilitration has been successful. What happened? Has Devon infiltrated the Future Island alliance?

*by Rej

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