Chapter 1088 Spoilers | The Last Lesson

One Piece Chapter 1088 is titled “The last lesson”. On the cover page, One Piece Live-Action series special Color Spread! We can see Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, and Sanji in the front (in fighting pose) and the faces of Shanks, Koby, Buggy, Kuro, Garp, Mihawk, Arlong, and Krieg (or Smoker, not 100% sure) in the background. The sentence “tomorrow studio x Netflix” appears too.

 Chapter 1088 will mainly focus on the fight between the Marines and the Blackbeard Pirates.

Koby, the aspiring Marine captain, will use a powerful new attack called “Honesty Impact,” adding an exciting layer of unpredictability to the narrative.

It seems that after this powerful attack, the remaining Marines escaped from Hachinosu leaving only Garp there.

Kuzan creates an ice blade and pierces Garp while he’s surrounded by Blackbeard Pirates. Garp is seen laughing while the ice starts to freeze him, reminiscent of Saul in Ohara.

Narrator: ““Legendary Hero Garp” disappeared at Hachinosu (“Pirate Island”). Fate: Unknown.”

One Piece Chapter 1088 is scheduled for release on July 24th at 12:00 am JST.

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