Entergram Reveals goHELLgo: Tsukiotoshiteko RPG for 2024 Release – News

Former Alice Soft staff member Ittenchiroku produces, designs PS4, Switch, PC game

Entergram announced a new role-playing game titled goHELLgo: Tsukiotoshiteko on Thursday. Former Alice Soft staff member and game director Ittenchiroku (Dohna Dohna, Rance 01, Rance 03) is the producer for the game, as well as the game designer alongside Takada Ryosuke The game will launch for PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC in Japan.

Tetubuta (The God-Tier Guardian and the Love of Six Princesses, Making Magic light novel illustrations, Dohna Dohna) is credited for the original planning and character designs. Momiage Lupin R is credited for the main scenario. Zn Cien is credited for “unique scenario.” Yūkineko is composing the music. Mariko Miyashita and Shingo Tabuchi are the graphic designers. Sera Amagi performs the theme song “Gōgōgō↓↓↓Narakham ket.”

Source: goHELLgo: Tsukiotoshiteko game’s website

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