Episode 10 – The Most Heretical Last Boss Queen: From Villainess to Savior

*SIGH* Literally: 44 seconds, I nearly stopped watching this series, period. Val uses his special ability and the CG is so bad, for a second I thought I was watching an old episode of Reboot from the 90s (if you know this show, you’re cool.)

Yeah. The animation does not fail to fail. This is so disheartening. The Heretical Last Boss Queen: From Villainess to Savior has an adorable story and sometimes I close my eyes and imagine it with Violet Evergarden animation and it makes my heart skip a beat – and then back to reality…

We are so close to the end though and this is the first anime I am reviewing for ANN so we’re getting through it together, BABY! Buckle up!

Fortunately, 1 minute 36 seconds in, my heart skipped a beat, because Stale, Pride, Arthur, and Gilbert are incognito on the human trafficker’s cart!!!

Stale is undoubtedly MVP, his teleportation is just amazing for problem-solving, he’s freeing victims, imprisoning villains, and then he helps calm down lightning ability user, Powell, even though he’s getting burnt and beat up!


Every crew member gets a chance to shine in this episode, but Pride comes to the rescue at the end, slicing bullets and chains. It was fun to watch, albeit the poor animation.

They defeat the human traffickers! I am ready for the happy ending – and then they hear a bomb? The ending song plays. Not a bad cliffhanger.

UGH! I want to like this anime so much, but week after week, the animation has been an issue. I do want to see how this season ends though – something has to go wrong? SOMETHING? Right…

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