Episode 12 – The Misfit of Demon King Academy II

A rather anti-climactic fight between these two.

So here we are at the end of another season of The Misfit of Demon King Academy. Honestly, this episode is a perfect microcosm of the season—i.e., equal parts Anos being cool and way too much information jammed into far too little time. So, let’s break it down one last time.

Despite the season building to a climactic battle between Anos and Avos, the big battle is between Anos and Nous Galia. Without Misa’s soul inside her, Avos is a tool Nous Galia has created to get his hands on Abernyu’s (the Goddess of Destruction’s) corpse and use her power to wipe out all intelligent life on the planet. Yet, when he uses this power, it doesn’t seem to affect Anos or anyone else.

Anos uses this as a chance to deny the gods—to show that they are fallible and can lie. If this is so, then their orders cannot be absolute. All he has to do to prove this is show that the gods are Not Simple personifications of the natural order as Nous Galia claims they are. Anos does this by tricking Nous Galia into showing he has the instinct for self-preservation. A natural force wouldn’t fear death as it is not alive. However, by showing such fear, Nous Galia presents proof that Nous Galia, the person, and Nous Galia, the natural order, are different things. This allows Anos to separate Nous Galia’s soul from his powers—forcing the soul to forever reincarnate as a bug and giving the powers to someone else.

With Nous Galia out of the way, it’s time to deal with Misa’s looming death. Luckily, this problem has already been solved. In episode 8, Anos used the human prince to spread an additional legend about Avos in the human territories: once killed, the resurrected Avos would be reborn as a whole spirit named Misa (as opposed to a half-spirit, half-demon). So, with a quick stab from Lay, the conditions for Misa’s resurrection are complete.

Of course, that’s only half of Anos’s plan. Leno originally died because she is the mother of all spirits—and giving birth to a demon (even a half-demon) instead of a spirit contradicted her legend. However, if that half-spirit/half-demon became a full-spirit, then Leno’s death would be undone—and so it is.

So, it’s a happy end all around with the demons and spirits proclaiming peace once again and the Fan-club members getting a new musical number. Everyone’s alive and well, and the bad guys have been punished. But while most people are celebrating, only Misha and Sasha notice the giant plot hole in what happened: they should all be dead.

The Goddess of Destruction’s power should have killed them all—and it wasn’t Anos that stopped it. Instead, the power didn’t affect them because Abernyu didn’t want it to. Despite Anos killing Abernyu, using her corpse for his castle, and turning her powers into a sword, it seems she bares Anos and everyone else no ill will—to the point of going against her natural order to protect them.

As for why, not even Anos knows why this incident has shown him that there is a hole in his memories; perhaps there is more to his relationship with both the Goddess of Creation and the Goddess of Destruction than he ever realized. All this serves as a great low-key cliffhanger for the season. There’s no real looming threat, but there is a mystery to be solved—and another adventure for us to enjoy.


Random Thoughts:

• I’m betting the one who erased Anos’ memory was Anos himself. That seems like the kind of 4D chess plan he’d devise.

• Never having parents before, Misa sure figured out quickly what it was like to be embarrassed by them—though she was 100% at fault for hitting on Lay so explicitly.

• I was hoping that Misa would get the black Avos hair in her rebirth—even if it went back to Misa’s original style.

• Thanks for joining me each week on this series. While it had its ups and downs—and major production delays—it was fun to spend time with Anos and everyone again.

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