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Ragna Crimson episode 7 begins to show the high-concept action set pieces that the series excels at more and more over time.

Ragna versus Ultimatia fight is strong on action and helps the series set itself apart from similar works. Having a villain use time-stop powers is a pretty common trope in action-adventure series. Usually, these powers are one of – if not the – most potent abilities around. The nature and implementation vary but the hero would normally be up against truly difficult odds. The fact that Ultimatia wields time-stop powers falls well within expected norms because she is the nominal head of the villainous faction, so of course she wields one of the most powerful abilities.

I don’t think it is a coincidence that Kobayashi has Ragna fight Ultimatia this early on in the series. The audience expects time-stop abilities to be potent based on not only the concept but also on pre-existing tropes in other works. That means when Ragna decides to challenge her head-on, the importance and danger involved are not lost on the viewers. Furthermore, Ragna not only takes up the challenge but manages to overcome Ultimatia’s time-stop powers. This illustrates quite clearly just how strong our protagonist is that he can overcome her powers and nearly wins right then and there, if not for outside interference and pushing himself too hard too fast.

Establishing these power expectations early on helps set Ragna Crimson apart from many other works in the genre. Ragna is not on a zero-to-hero journey; in fact, his hero journeyed back to his zero self and boosted him to the end game. The pedal is to the floor and the engine is running red hot – buckle up folks.


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