Is Dr. Vegapunk Going To Join Straw Hat Pirates?

Everyone has noticed that Egghead arc is parallelling Sabaody Archipelago arc, but very few have really acknowledged how much Oda is parallelling Enies Lobby arc here too.

The last few chapters have made it clear. We’ve seen Lulusia turned into an Enies Lobby 2.0, and found out that the plan is to escape the Government island with Vegapunk (the Government’s target – this arc’s ‘Robin’), not to mention that we have Rob Lucci and Kaku here.

I genuinely think Vegapunk could become a Nakama too, but predicting Oda on crewmates is a losing game.

The cool thing about this is that if you think of the marines as a pirate crew, Luffy has defeated a Yonko now, a top-tier pirate captain, and he’s only just now fighting a top commander of the marines. The real enemy has always been the World Government and their forces and we will finally see Luffy step up from defeating Lucci in Enies Lobby (a top World Government agent) and escaping a Buster Call to now defeating Admiral Kizaru in Egghead and escaping an attack larger than a buster call and a Gorosei (a top-tier government authority).

This is my main prediction now and I love how you can conclude it from just applying the Enies Lobby pattern to Egghead… but Oda is likely to twist it a bit…

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