Japan Getting New Final Fantasy VII-Themed Desserts and Candies – Interest

Apparently, Tifa is chestnut flavored while Aerith is plain old chocolate. (Sephiroth is milk-caramel.)

The popular Japanese cafe and sweet shop chain, Fujiya is doing a collaboration with Square Enix for the release of Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis. You can get your hands on things like a Fat Chocobo Cake and themed macarons for a limited time.

Here’s the full list of items available:


{FFVII EC Collab} Fat Chocobo Cake – 490 yen (Approximately USD 3.28)
Yellow cake crumble with milk cream and chocolate chip filling.


{FFVII EC Collab} Macaroons (Zack, Cloud, Sephiroth) – 800 yen (Approximately USD 5.35)
Orange, caramel, and milk-caramel flavored respectively.


{FFVII EC Collab} Macaroons (Tifa, Moogle, Aerith) – 800 yen (Approximately USD 5.35)
Chestnut, strawberry, and chocolate flavored respectively.


{FFVII EC Collab} Milky Tin – 440 yen a piece (Approximately USD 2.94)
Contains “Milky” brand milk caramel candies.

Anyone who spends 1200 yen (Approximately USD 8.02) or more on these collaboration items will also receive one of the following stickers as a special present.


All these items will go on sale starting October 6, 2023, at Fujiya stores across Japan.

Source: PR Times

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