K MANGA Adds 7 Simulpub Manga Titles; Launches 2 New Manga Simultaneously in Japan, U.S. – News

Kodansha announced on Thursday that it will add new seven simulpub titles, and it will debut two new manga series that will simultaneously launch in Japan and United States, on its K MANGA service. The company stated it plans to add over 70 new titles before the end of the year.

The new manga titles that will simultaneously launch in Japan and the U.S. are:

Title: I Got My Wish and Reincarnated as the Villainess (Last Boss)!
Author(s): Ryousuke Hata (story), Rei Nakajima (art), Hitoha Ushio (character design)
Release Date: October 20
Summary: A sickly girl named Elizabeth has been reincarnated as an otome game villainess! She begins her life anew, blissfully unaware that her fate is to be killed by the heroes. She might enjoy a healthy life now, but will she be able to turn fate on its head?!


Title:KATANA Beast
Author(s): Akimine Kamijyō
Release Date: November 1
Summary: The Rat, the Ox, the Tiger, the Rabbit, the Dragon, the Snake, the Horse, the Goat, the Monkey, the Rooster, the Dog, and the Pig. These twelve tribes, each boasting their own special powers, battled for hegemony over the nation until the Emperor, tired of these endless wars, instead proposed a “festival”—5v5 proxy battles for which each tribe must send a “beastblade” to fight on their behalf. Princess Ibusuki of the Rabbit tribe, the weakest clan of all, was searching for her own champion to whom she could entrust the fate of her people when she came upon Hijimaru of the legendary Lion tribe. Little did she know that this encounter would mark the beginning of something far greater! Welcome to the fantastical tale of the zodiac struggle!

New simulpub titles include:


Title: Yakuza Fiancé: Raise wa Tanin ga Ii
Author(s): Asuka Konishi
Release Date: October 25
Summary: Yoshino grew up the sheltered yakuza princess of the largest crime family in Osaka, the Somei. Due to her resting bitch face and dangerous family, no man has ever approached her. When her grandfather signs a truce with the Tokyo-based Miyama crime family, he offers her up as a truce bride to the Miyama leader’s grandson! Kirishima Miyama is popular, charming, and seems totally normal. But behind his smile is a violent sadomasochist who thirsts for her dominance even more when she impresses him with her moxie! Even though she knows how bad yakuza can be, she’s stunned by Miyama’s viciousness. She can’t turn him down with the East-West peace treaty on the line…so instead she steels herself to play ball!


Title: All My Neighbors are Convinced the Female Knight from My Rice Field Is My Wife
Author(s): Otoha Saori (art), Renkinō (story), Kaito Shibano (character design)
Release Date: October 27
Summary: Jin Mita lives as a farmer in a small town in the countryside. One morning, he discovers a female knight collapsed in his rice paddy. Her name is Seraphim, and it appears that she has come from another world. She knows nothing about how this world works and has nowhere to go. Unable to just ignore her plight, Jin suggests that she live with him, leading to his neighbors believing that she’s his wife! Farm work under the sun, and meals made with fresh ingredients…this is the start of a story about living a relaxing life with a female knight in the countryside!


Title: The Great Queen Victoria Winner Ostwen Has Arrived!
Author(s): Hajime Shinjō (art), Matsuri Kuragezaki (story)
Release Date: November 10
Summary: Lady Victoria Winner is about to have her engagement to Prince Frederic called off. Any other noble lady would cry or lash out, but not Victoria. Instead, she decides that she will simply not allow it. Whether it be broken engagements, assassination attempts, or plots against her from the nobility, there is nothing that the great Victoria cannot overcome! Welcome to the most majestic of romcoms!


Title: Versus
Author(s): ONE (story), Kyōtarō Azuma (art), bose (organizer)
Release Date: November 25
Summary: The Demons are the human’s natural enemy. For several hundred years, they’ve tortured and toyed with the human race… The world is under the reign of The Great Demon King and his 47 Demon Lords. While humans lived in fear, 47 heroes were picked from across the world to dispose of the Demon King’s Army. Now, with humanity’s fate on the line, the final battle against the demons is about to begin…


Title: Tank Chair
Author(s): Manabu Yashiro
Release Date: To be announced
Summary: Nagi Taira was the strongest assassin until he fell into a coma protecting his younger sister from a bullet. However, his unique physical constitution allows him to regain consciousness for a short time when “intent to kill” is directed toward him.
Now begins Nagi’s “rehabilitation”! He will fight powerful targets in his custom wheelchair until he achieves a full awakening!
The talented Manabu Yashiro brings you this most sinister antihero’s violent, action-packed tale!!


Title: Pass the Monster Meat, Milady!
Author(s): Chika Mizube (art), Kanata Hoshi (story), Peperon (character design)
Release Date: To be announced
Summary: Melphiera is an earl’s daughter who’s shunned by most of the nobility, thanks to rumors about her proclivity for monster-based cuisine. When she attends a party in hopes of finding someone to wed, she’s attacked by a vicious monster—only to be saved by Aristide of Galbraith, feared as the “Blood-Mad Duke.” He begins to take a liking to Melphiera…and before long, he’s even interested in the “hobby” she never dared to tell anyone else! Love, battle, and great cuisine await in this romantic fantasy!


Title: Invincible Card Summoner: A Demon-Slaying F Rank Adventurer
Author(s): Kazuaki Kuwano (story), Ichiba Sugawara (art), Rean (character design)
Release Date: To be announced
Summary: Kanata sits in an empty classroom playing card games on his phone…until an earthquake traps him in an otherworldly dungeon ruled by a demon! But there, he discovers that he can summon the 300 cards from the game and invoke their powers! Can he fight his way to freedom with his card gaming skills?!

The following titles will also have free chapters on the K MANGA service, as part of its Halloween campaign from October 20 to 31:

The K MANGA service launched as an app for iOS and Android on May 10 with approximately 400 titles including 60 simulpub titles. The first few chapters of most titles are available for free. The service uses a Ticket- and Point-based system. The service is also available for browsers.

The service is currently exclusively available in the United States.

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