Koi-Koi: Love Blossoms Game Launches for PS5 on November 16 – News

Trailer streamed for game supporting PSVR2

Apricot Heart Studios announced on Friday that it will release the Koi-Koi: Love Blossoms romance adventure game for PlayStation 5 in 69 countries on November 16. The game supports PSVR2, and there is specific content that requires it, but the rest of the game is also playable without it. The company streamed a trailer:

Apricot Heart Studios describes the story:

In spring, a romance buds in an open-air bath.
The stage is set in a traditional Japanese inn called “Tokoharu Ko-Koi Hot Spring”, with mysterious
plum and cherry trees that used to blossom all year round.
The protagonist is entrusted with the revival of a failing hot spring inn. The story of the protagonist and
heroines begins in the open-air bath. Where will the one spring romance between you and your childhood
friend sisters lead you…?
It is up to you, the potential heir to this hot spring inn.

The game features Japanese audio with English and Japanese subtitles.

The cast includes:

  • Tomoe Tamiyasu as Koume
  • Ayaka Igazaki as Sakura
  • Wakaba Ohmiya as Itsuha

ULTRANOVA Entertainment published the Koi-Koi VR: Love Blossoms game for PC via Steam in October 2022. The game requires a VR headset to play.

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