Love Live!’s ‘Hasu no Sora Jōgakuin School Idol Club’ Group Gets Manga – News

The official Twitter account for the Love Live! franchise‘s “Hasu no Sora Jōgakuin School Idol Club” (Hasu no Sora Girls’ School Idol Club) “virtual school idol” project revealed on Sunday that the project will have a manga adaptation titled Love Live! flowers*-Hasu no Sora Jōgakuin School Idol Club- that will launch in the December issue of Shueisha‘s Ultra Jump magazine on November 17. Tsumumi (Welcome to the Outcast’s Restaurant!) is drawing the manga, with story cooperation by Ten Tanaka. The manga will feature on the issue’s front cover, and will also have a color opening page.

Ten Tanaka also noted that Flag Notes, the writer team that he is a part of, is also involved in the scenario writing for the larger “Hasu no Sora Jōgakuin School Idol Club” project.

The “Hasu no Sora Jōgakuin School Idol Club” idol group is part of the Love Live! franchise, and features six members: Kaho Hinoshita, Sayaka Murano, Kozue Otomune, Tsuzuri Yugiri, Rurino Osawa, and Megumi Fujishima. The group is primarily featured in the new Link! Like! Love Live! smartphone game app, which launched on April 15. Haruko Iizuka (Little Busters!, Horimiya) is designing the characters for the project. Odd No. Inc. is publishing the game. The group’s first album Dream Believers debuted on March 29.

The project will let fans experience the story “together with school idols over 365 days” and let players “walk the path to graduation with the girls.” In addition to the smartphone app, the idol club members (and their cast) will stream videos, appear in magazines, release music CDs, hold concerts, among other efforts in various forms of media.

Sources: Hasu no Sora Jōgakuin School Idol Club official Twitter account, Tsumumi‘s Twitter account, Ten Tanaka’s Twitter account via Yara-on!

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