Manga Archive Organization Dedicated to Archiving Manga Materials Founded – News

Organization to collaborate with publishers, manga creators, industry organizations, universities

The Manga Archive Organization announced its founding on Monday. Formally founded on May 1, the organization aims to preserve and share manga creators’ original artwork and related materials, including published material such as magazines and compiled book volumes. Taku Ōishi, the curator of the Yokote Masuda Manga Museum, will be the organization’s board representative.

Major publishing companies in Japan, as well as an initiative from Japan’s Agency for Cultural Affairs, invested in the new organization. The Manga Archive Organization intends to collaborate with publishers, manga creator circles and organizations, manga industry organizations, and universities engaged in manga research and scholarship to gather materials. The organization intends to convene a panel of experts to determine which materials to gather for the archive.

The archival organization is slated to begin its main activities in September, and the official website is planned to open in the same month.

Sources: PR Times, Comic Natalie

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