Manga Creator Machiko Satonaka Honored as Person of Cultural Merit – News

Image via The Mainichi

Manga artist Machiko Satonaka received this year’s Person of Cultural Merit honor last week, along with 19 other recipients.

The Mainichi reported that Satonaka is interested in creating a manga that uses A.I.

Satonaka made her debut in 1964 with the “Pia no Shouzou” manga. She has created many more works with strong heroines since, including Lady Ann, KaryĆ«do no Seiza, Ashita Kagayaku, Tenjou no Niji, Yumeiro Kajitsu, and Aries no Otome-tachi.

She has served as a professor at the Osaka University of Arts, director of the Japan Cartoonists Association, director of the Manga Japan foundation, chairperson of the Digital Manga Association, and member of the Cultural Policy Promotion Council and the Agency for Cultural Affairs, among other roles. She has also won awards for her works and service, such as the Kodansha Manga Award and the Japan Ministry of Culture and Science Lifetime Works and Cultural Activities award.

Source: The Mainichi

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