Mangasplaining, Udon Ent. to Publish Veil, No Roses Without Thorns Manga in English – News

Veil gets full-color print edition in 2024

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The Mangasplaining podcast and Udon Entertainment announced at San Diego Comic Con on Thursday that they will jointly release Kotteri’s Veil manga and Nami Sasou’s No Roses Without Thorns: My Life As a Shojo Manga Assistant (Bara wa Shaba de Umareru: 70-nendai Shōjo Manga Assistant Funtōki) manga in English in 2024.

Jocelyne Allen will translate Veil to English. Kevin Druelle is in charge of lettering. Andrew Woodrow-Butcher is editing the edition. Udon Entertainment will release the manga in print as a two-in-one full-color edition starting in 2024. Mangasplaining describes the manga’s story:

A chance encounter. A handsome soldier. A beautiful woman. A tentative love affair smolders on the snowy cobblestone streets, out of sight of those that might keep them apart. A manga unlike anything else in English, VEIL is a beautifully illustrated full-color romance manga, told in stylish short vignettes, beautiful illustrations, and secret moments. Published in English by UDON in handsome two-volume omnibus collections.

The manga launched in Jitsugyo no Nihon Sha, Ltd.‘s Comic Ruelle magazine in 2019. The manga’s fifth volume released in December 2022.

Image courtesy of Mangasplaining

Rachel Thorn will translate the No Roses Without Thorns: My Life As a Shojo Manga Assistant manga, while Kyla Aiko is in charge of lettering. Deb Aoki is editing the manga. Udon Entertainment will release the manga in a single volume in print in February 2024. Mangasplaining describes the story:

What’s it like to be a manga creator’s assistant, when she’s working on the most popular shojo manga in the country?

The 1970s were a golden age for girls manga, or shojo manga, in Japan – but what was it like to create these pages of roses, sparkles and romance? Manga artist Nami Sasou shares some of the not-so-glamorous stories from the ink-stained battlefield of… cute girls’ romance manga? A highschool assistant to Suzue Miuchi, the creator of the famously popular Glass Mask, this manga about making manga tells it like it was… With a decidedly ‘shojo’ point of view!

Sasou serialized the one-volume manga in East PressMatogrosso magazine starting in 2019. The manga ranked at #3 for female readers in the 2021 edition of Takarajimasha‘s Kono Manga ga Sugoi! (This Manga Is Amazing!) guidebook.

Unlike other manga that Mangasplaining has licensed, both manga will not be serialized in the Mangasplaining Extra newsletter.

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