Mindblowing Fusions between the Strongest Pirates in the New World! – One Piece

Fused New World Pirates

Fused Yonko

Fused Worst Generation ~ Masil D. Teach , X-Law, Zorouge, Scratchjewel Abonny, Monkey D. Lukiller, Eugene Kapone

Fused Shichibukai ~ Drecko Mohawk, Edward Wuggy, Bartholomew Kunbei, Traquixote D. Waterflamingo, Lady Salamander

Fused Straw Hat Pirates ~ Monkey D. Juffy, Vinroar Zonji, Nico Nabi, Usopper, General Brooky

Yonko “Strawbeard” Monkey D. Marshall vs. Admiral Sakazuki D. Ace

Enel and Nami Fusion

*Art by niko.lass.mal

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