Monkey D. Dragon is the direct enemy of the actual Governement

Monkey D. Dragon is the direct enemy of the actual Governement, their biggest threat and is considered the most dangerous man in the world.

Dragon’s reasons behind his hatred for the Governement has never been explained nor mentioned so far in the manga. Some believe Dragon hates the Governement because of the nasty things they – and the Celestial Dragons – do from time to time over the world.

If that’s really the only reason, what about the pirates though? Many pirates are evil to the core and also do terrible things in the world of One Piece. Arlong wrecking havock in East Blue, Crocodile involvement during the Alabasta events, Blackbeard pillaging Drum Islands, Doflamingo being one of the worst evil mastermind in the whole One Piece universe…

If malevolent acts from the Government are the real reasons behind Dragon’s hatred for them, why doesn’t he also hate the pirates for doing despicable things too? Isn’t it because the reasons for Dragon’s hatred toward the World Governement and the Celestial Dragons have deeper roots?

I think his tattoo might be the key to understand his personal reasons.

I have one question for you: Why did Dragon decide to wear a tattoo on his face at one point of his life? Do you think it’s because it makes him look cool? Judging by who he is and how stern/serious/cold-blooded he is, it’s probably not the case. The tattoo might have an actual meaning.

In the Chapter O, Oda decided to show us that Dragon didn’t always have his tattoo on his face. The only moments we see Dragon without his tattoo is before he started his Revolutionary movement. Why? Because it’s another hint from Oda that his tattoo is important to him. It clearly implies that Dragon’s tattoo is related to his fight against the World Goverment and the nobles.

Can we push this assumption further and guess what this tattoo means?

His tattoo isn’t a random piece of art, it’s actually a Shandia tattoo. Outside of Dragon himself, there are only two major characters with similar tattoos in the One Piece universe: Calgara and Wiper. Bear in mind that Wiper’s and Calgara’s tattoo are quite different, despite them coming from the same tribe.

I think Dragon’s tattoo refers to his ancestors. He is of Shandia origin.

There are strong chances that Dragon learned what did happen during the Void Century and he also probably learned the origin of the D. Clan at some point. He learned – a part of – the story, was disgusted by what the Twenty Kindgoms presumly did to his ancestors and decided to mark his face permanently before chosing to fight back and take revenge for his people.

It’s not a popular theory, but many people think the D. and the winged people are somewhat related. It’s mostly because of the cover of the volume 27.

We see Luffy with a pair of Shandia wings, winking at the reader. On its own, this hint is light, we agree, but there are other hints in the manga that the D. and the winged people are related.

It’s not commonly brought up, but Oda also drawn Luffy as a Shandia or using Shandia kind of tools in color spreads quite a few times, while the other members of the crew were depicted normally.

The last point is important since Luffy has been drawn as a Samurai, a Knight or many things in color spreads, but in those color spreads the other members of the crews were often depicted in the same way as him. On the color spreads from the chapters 175, 431 and 352, Luffy is the only one depicted as a Shandia or a native indian. We know for a fact that Oda like to use Color Spreads to hide small details and while it could mean nothing, I think it’s still a point to consider.

*Theory by demise000

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