Naoko Yamada’s Garden of Remembrance Anime Short Film Previewed in 1st Teaser Trailer – News

18-minute film set for release next year

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Avex Pictures revealed the first teaser promotional video at Anime NYC on Friday for anime director Naoko Yamada‘s latest original anime short film Garden of Remembrance. The panel also showed a comment video form Yamada. The video below reveals the film’s delay to 2024.

Image courtesy of Avex Pictures

Yamada and Science SARU first previewed the anime at Annecy International Animation Film Festival in 2022 as part of the festival’s Work in Progress track for ongoing productions. Yamada then presented the short film’s world premiere at the Scotland Loves Anime event in October 2022. The film also had a special screening at Annecy this year. The anime film was previously scheduled for release this year and has a listed length of 18 minutes.

This year’s Annecy International Animation Film Festival describes the film:

The anemone flower that “I” liked. A precious flower that holds memories which tie “You” and “I” together. A story that represents “Me”, “You”, our “Childhood Friend” and our goodbyes.

Manga creator Etsuko Mizusawa (Hello, this is Terumi.) is the anime’s original character designer. Singer-songwriter Lovely Summer-chan composed the anime’s music.

Yamada was a veteran director on several Kyoto Animation works, before leaving the studio and moving to Science SARU as a director in 2021. There she directed The Heike Story, her first work with the studio, which debuted in September 2021. Garden of Remembrance is her second project with the studio. Yamada and Science SARU are also currently working on a new anime feature film titled Kimi no Iro (Your Color), which will debut next year.

At Kyoto Animation, Yamada directed some of the studio’s most iconic works, including K-ON!, A Silent Voice, Liz and the Blue Bird, Tamako Market, and Tamako Love Story. She was also the series director on Sound! Euphonium.

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