One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 Game Adds Yamato, Kaido as Playable DLC Characters – News

The One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 website revealed on Wednesday that Yamato and Kaido are joining the game as DLC characters in “Character Pack 4,” which comes out in September. They join the previously announced Battle of Onigashima Pack, alongside Onigashima Battle Luffy.

Bandai Namco Entertainment began streaming a video previewing Yamato on Wednesday.

The game will also have a “Character Pack 5” and “Character Pack 6.” The above video teases Uta and Gold Roger as upcoming characters. Those who purchase the Character Pass 2 (including Character Packs 4-6) will also get a bonus of Onigashima Battle Law. The game is also getting three new story episodes. The first episode is titled “Yamato no Manyūki” (Yamato’s Logbook) and will also include “Tamashii no Kaizu 1” (Soul Sea Chart 1).

The game’s “Character Pack 1” DLC launched in July 2020 with three characters: Charlotte Smoothie, Charlotte Cracker, and Vinsmoke Judge. The game’s “Character Pack 2” DLC includes X Drake, Killer, and Urouge, and launched in September 2020. “Character Pack 3” came out in December 2020 and includes Kozuki Oden, Kin’emon, and Okiku.

The game debuted for the PS4, Xbox One, and Switch in Japan in March 2020, and then debuted in Southeast Asia, Europe, and the Americas for the same consoles plus PC later that month.

Playable characters in the game include: Luffy, Zoro, Usopp, Sanji, Nami, Chopper, Robin, Franky, Brook, Crocodile, Ace, Boa Hancock, Jinbe, Buggy, Dracule Mihawk, Emporio Ivankov, Rob Lucci, Trafalgar Law, Smoker, Tashigi, Sabo, Bartolomeo, Cavendish, Katakuri, Carrot, Vinsmoke Reiju, Vinsmoke Ichiji, Vinsmoke Niji, Vinsmoke Yonji, Marco, Whitebeard, Eustass Kid, Basil Hawkins, Capone Bege, Big Mom, Kaido, Akainu (Sakazuki), Kizaru (Borsalino), Aokiji (Kuzan), Issho (Fujitora), Shanks, Doflamingo, and Blackbeard. The game has an original story that takes place in the Land of Wano.

Namco Bandai Games released the first One Piece Pirate Warriors game in Japan on the PlayStation 3 and later in Europe and America in 2012. The second game shipped in Japan for the PS3 and PlayStation Vita, and in Europe and North America for the PS3 in 2013. Bandai Namco Entertainment released One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 for the PS4, PS3, PS Vita, and on PC via Steam in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Australasia in August 2015. The game shipped in Japan in March 2015 for the PS3, PS4, and PS Vita. The game launched on the Switch in Japan in December 2017.

Source: One Piece Pirate Warriors 4’s website via Gematsu

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