PPPPPP Creator Mapollo 3 Launches New Magical Girl Manga – News

Tai Sekaiyо̄ Mahо̄ Shо̄jo Tsubame debuts on Saturday

The official website for Shueisha‘s Shonen Jump+ announced that Mapollo 3 (PPPPPP) is launching a new manga titled Tai Sekaiyо̄ Mahо̄ Shо̄jo Tsubame (Anti-World Magical Girl Tsubame) on Saturday.

Image via Mapollo 3’s Twitter account

Jump+ teases the manga with the line “What should be protected: the world or you?”

Mapollo 3 launched the PPPPPP manga in September 2020, and ended it in February. Shueisha published the eighth and final volume in May.

Both the Viz Media and MANGA Plus services published the manga in English digitally. Viz Media is also publishing the manga in compiled book form digitally.

Mapollo 3‘s “Hoshi no Alien ni Doryokushō” (Consolation Prize for the Alien of the Star) one-shot manga won Shonen Jump‘s “Jump Shinsekai Mangashō” award in January 2020. Mapollo 3 was 23 years old at the time.

Sources: Shonen Jump+, Mapollo 3‘s Twitter account

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