Queen Bee Drummer, Co-Founder Ruri-chan Leaves Band – News

Ruri-chan recovered after being on health-related hiatus since August 2022

Image via Tezuka Osamu Official

Sony Music Artists announced on Monday that drummer Ruri-chan (second from left in photo) is “graduating” from her Queen Bee rock band. Ruri-chan had been on hiatus from the band since August 2022 due to poor health. Although she has since recovered, she asked to leave the band after talking with the other members and their staff.

In a message to fans, Ruri-chan apologized for worrying people over her hiatus, and assured them that she is fine now. She explained that she is graduating because she felt that the stage of her life as Queen Bee‘s drummer is over, and that she felt burnt out. Still, she said that it was a miracle that the very first band she ever co-founded has lasted this long, and that the last 14 years were a treasure. She thanked the fans and staff for their support as well as all the other band members, and asked fans to continue supporting Queen Bee.

The remaining band members (vocalist Avu-chan, bass guitarist Yashi-chan, guitarist Hibari-kun) posted messages of appreciation for their 14 years together and expressed their respect and support for Ruri-chan’s decision.

Queen Bee performed theme songs for Tokyo Ghoul:re, the live-action Tokyo Ghoul S film, Dororo, the live-action Sadako film, Raven of the Inner Palace, Chainsaw Man, and most recently, Oshi no Ko. The band also performed the live-action Moteki film’s theme song and appeared in the film itself. Separately, Avu-chan was the voice actor and vocalist for the title character in Masaaki Yuasa‘s INU-OH film.

Source: Queen Bee‘s website via Hachima Kikō

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