Shōji Izumi, Creator of World’s Longest 4-Panel Manga, Passes Away – News

Jan-Ken-Pon manga received Guinness World Record after over 15,000 strips

Image via Asahi Shōakusei Shimbun

Manga creator Shōji Izumi passed away due to old age on October 29 at 7:06 p.m. He was 91. His family held a funeral service.

Izumi was born in Tokyo in 1932. He launched the four-panel manga series Jan-Ken-Pon in the Asahi Shōgakusei Shimbun paper in 1969. (Besides being a word play on the Japanese name for the Rock, Paper, Scissors game, Jan, Ken, and Pon are the names of the main characters, who are siblings.) Guinness World Records certified the manga as having the “most strips published for the same yonkoma manga series” with over 15,000 strips as of November 24, 2016. Izumi continued serializing the manga until this past March.

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