Skypiea is a condensed version of One Piece

This is my own take on the popular “Destory the Red Line”, the “Skypiea is a condensed version of One Piece” and “Luffy’s dream is to go to the moon” theories that have floated around for a while.

I know using theories to base a theory on is… something, but I think it fits the mold of One Piece very well. What I aim to propose is that, if we use Skypiea as a reference, then we can predict what direction Oda is taking the story. I don’t want to predict too much, but rather lay it out like an order of events held side by side. I don’t know the setup for everything, nor do I want to predict it all. With that said, I think the simplest way to explain it is:

  • Laugh Tale is the bottom half of an Island, like Jaya, with the top half blown upwards by a knock up stream.
  • The other half is on the Moon, an unimaginable place for civilization, like Sky Islands, and a place Luffy wishes to go; his dream location. Plus, Blackbeard said during Jaya, “Dreams will never die.”
  • The Poneglyph tells the story of how it got there and the Void Century that came before it. Joy Boy, like Nolan, is executed. The Poneglyphs are Lily’s retelling of his tale and the Void Century, like the Story of Nolan explaining the land of Gold. It will discuss destroying the Red Line, just like Nolan discusses ringing the Bell (more below).
  • They get there via a knock up stream, but instead of upgrading the Merry, they either upgrade the Sunny OR they use Pluton; it could be the only ship capable of withstanding the Knock Up stream.
  • The knock up stream either has to be triggered, only appears once every 800 years, or needs to be lined up with the Moon, which only happens every 800 years. Either way, between needing Momonosuke and Shirahoshi to control Zunesha and the Sea Kings for their respective roles, this is why I believe Roger was ‘too early’.
  • Blackbeard will be there to stop them, alongside literally everyone else, as the knock up stream location will be where the final war takes place, as everyone defends the Straw Hats while they get ready for the big moment. This step is definitely the biggest stretch, and it might not be necessary. It could happen if, as stated in step 5, they have to wait before they can launch, giving people time to catch up and cause mayhem.
  • The Moon, like the Upper Yard, will need to be liberated from Enel.
  • Luffy will use the Moon as a weapon, a round weapon like Golden Rifle.
  • Instead of destroying the Golden Bell, he will destroy the Red Line (and Fishman Island with it, thus fulfilling Lady Shyarly’s prediction).
  • The Red Line is actually a dam that keeps the oceans from dispersing evenly, and when destroyed, a whole world will be revealed as ocean levels lower.
  • So, instead of the sound of the bell ringing signifying unity and freedom for the Shandian and Skypiean, the world will literally be free and unified as One Piece.

Imagine you’re Roger and Company, reading the Poneglyph on Laugh Tale with instructions from Joy Boy about this whole operation. I mean, it describes why the Void Century exists, how the world came to be in its current state, and ultimately, Joy Boy’s plan to fix it all: by destroying the Red Line with the freaking Moon. If I got through all that, and read that master plan, I’d probably laugh too.

This theory does rely on quite a lot of answers; ‘Why are they destroying the Red Line?’ being a big one for starters. The answer to this and so many other questions? I don’t know, that requires a complete understanding of history we as reader’s do not know since the Void Century is still such a mystery to us. I threw step 10 in there as a potential reason for why the Red Line needs to be destroyed. I just want to imagine a world where Oda draws Luffy using the Moon as essentially a giant fist, and this is my order of operations for how we get there, and more importantly, why.

*Theory by noquo89

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