Sony Unveils PlayStation Portal Remote Play Handheld Device for PlayStation 5 – News

The official PlayStation Blog announced on Wednesday that it will release the PlayStation Portal, the first remote play dedicated handheld device for PlayStation 5, later this year for US$199.99.

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The PlayStation Portal features an 8-inch LCD screen that supports 1080p resolution at 60fps. The device connects remotely to PS5 over Wi-Fi. It can play supported games installed on the console, but it cannot play PSVR2 games that require the headset or games that are streaming through PlayStation Plus Premium’s cloud. The PlayStation Portal includes features from the DualSense controller, including adaptive triggers and haptic feedback.

Sony also revealed the console’s first wireless earbuds, Pulse Explore, and a new over-the-ear wireless headset, Pulse Elite. The company streamed a trailer:

Pulse Elite features lossless audio, a retractable boom mic, and AI-enhanced noise rejection that can filter background sounds. It comes with a charging hanger. Pulse Explore features lossless audio, dual microphones, and AI-enhanced noise rejection. It comes with a charging case.

Image via PlayStation Blog

Pulse Elite and Pulse Explore connect directly with PlayStation Portal by through the “PlayStation Link” wireless audio technology, which allows for low latency, lossless audio and the ability to switch between multiple PlayStation Link hosts. The headset and earbuds can simultaneously connect to a PlayStation Link supported device and a Bluetooth supported deivce. The USB adapter included with the headset and earbuds is required for PlayStation Link when using Pulse Elite and Pulse Explore with PS5. There will also be a PlayStation Link USB adapter sold separately.

Image via PlayStation Blog

Sony originally teased the remote player as “Project Q” in May.

The PS5 surpassed 40 million in sales as of July 16.

As of July 2021, Sony had sold over 10 million units of the PS5 worldwide since its launch, making the PS5 Sony‘s fastest-selling console. Sony had sold over 20 million units of the PS5 worldwide as of June 2022. The PS5 had crossed 30 million units in sales in January.

Ryan announced at the company’s CES 2023 presentation in January that “Everyone who wants a PS5 should have a much easier time finding one at retailers globally, starting from this point forward.”

The PS5 launched in the United States, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea on November 12, 2020. The console launched in most of the rest of the world on November 19, 2020. The PS5 retails for US$499.99, and the PS5 Digital Edition (which does not include an optical disc drive) retails for US$399.99.

The company launched PlayStation VR2, the new virtual reality (VR) system for PS5, on February 22.

SIE is developing Project Leonardo – a new, highly customizable accessibility controller kit to help players with disabilities play more comfortably – for the PS5.

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