Sora Amamiya Edits Anime While Eating Cheetos (But She Shouldn’t) – Interest

Amamiya stars in 2nd ad as anime studio editor who adds unexpected surprise in animation scene

Voice actress Sora Amamiya‘s Cheetos adventures continue, this time in a position very familiar to many keyboard warriors: having to type on a keyboard and not stain it with your Cheetos-powdered fingers.

In the second of three Cheetos ads featuring Amamiya, she plays an editor at the fictional “Chester Studio” anime studio, skillfully editing a video while avoiding touching the keyboard with her Cheetos fingers. But mistakes will happen. Upon presenting a finished cut to some producers, the editor accidentally adds some unexpected elements (such as “The World’s No. 1 Puff Snactttttdfsfg” typo) to the video, which she scrambles to fix.

In the first Cheetos commercial from yesterday, she played a Cheetos-fingered animator who adds some unexpected creativity to a cut of animation. It’s that cut that is featured in the editor’s monitor in the second ad above.

Amamiya will star in three ads, each featuring her as a different worker in the fictional “Chester Studio” anime studio. In the third ad coming tomorrow, Amamiya will play a voice actress voicing a narrator for a Cheetos ad. The campaign proclaims Cheetos (and its deliciously troublesome dust) as “the world’s No. 1 buggypuffy snack.”

Source: Japan Frito-Lay YouTube channel

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