Sora Amamiya Proves Cheetos Are Dangerously Cheesy for Anime – Interest

Amamiya plays animator who sparks creativity via corn puffs in 1st of 3 ads

We all know about looking at pizza box grease and seeing it as a world map, but have you ever had a unexpected spark of creativity from looking at Cheetos dust?

In this new commercial, real-life voice actress Sora Amamiya plays an animator who does exactly that. An anime studio’s animation director wonders where the smoke effects from a composited cut came from. Upon checking the original key frame, he finds that it has orange stains … and hears behind him that the animator of the cut has been staining her frames with Cheetos hands.

This is the first of three ads, all starring Sora Amamiya as a different “Chestor Studio” employee. In the second ad debuting on Thursday, Amamiya will play an anime studio editor. In the third ad on Friday, Amamiya will play a voice actress voicing a narrator for a Cheetos ad. (How’s that for a meta-reference?)

Source: MoCa News

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