Spirit Hunter: Death Mark II Game Launches in English for PS5, Switch, PC on February 15 – News

Horror adventure launched in Japan last December

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Aksys Games revealed it will release Spirit Hunter: Death Mark II (Shinigami: Shibito Magire), the sequel to its Death Mark horror visual novel, on February 15 for PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

The game was previously set to release for Switch, PS4, and Steam.

The “school legend spirits horror adventure” game launched in Japan for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on December 1 after a delay.

Aksys Games describes the game:

In Spirit Hunter: Death Mark II, Kazuo Yashiki is back in H City to investigate supernatural occurrences at Konoehara Academy. As in previous editions of the game, the developers have drawn on Japanese myths and folklore to create an immersive and nuanced tale of terror. Some old faces return to aid Yashiki in his quest, and a 2D side-scrolling mode offers a new way to explore locations. Be ready, for when a spirit does attack, crucial mistakes mean certain death.

The original Death Mark game launched in Japan in June 2017 for PlayStation Vita and then on PS4 in January 2018. Aksys Games released the game in English on PS4, PS Vita, and Switch in October 2018. Sprit Hunter: NG released in English for PS4, Switch, PS Vita, and PC in October 2019. The game launched in Japan on the PS Vita in Japan in September 2018, and shipped for the PS4 in Japan in February 2019.

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