Square Enix’s Foamstars Multiplayer Shooter Game Reveals Open Beta in Trailer – News

Open beta takes place September 29-October 1, game launches in early 2024

Square Enix announced an open beta for Foamstars, its new multiplayer third-person 4v4 shooter for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, during Sony‘s State of Play livestream on Thursday.

The open beta will be available on PS5 from September 29 through October 1. The full game will launch in early 2024.

Square Enix describes the game.

In FOAMSTARS, foam is the ultimate resource. It can be used in multiple ways: To create slippery surfaces that players can use to surf around the arena at high speed; to build terrain, helping players defend from enemy attacks or creating high vantage points to take out opponents; and finally, to foam up the opposition and win the match.

Source: Square Enix‘s YouTube channel

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