Super Mario Bros. Wonder Game Reveals New Overview Trailer – News

New 2D-platforming game comes out on October 20

Nintendo of America released a new overview trailer on Friday for its upcoming Super Mario Bros. Wonder game, which comes out on October 20 for the Nintendo Switch. The video shares features such as the areas players can explore in The Flower Kingdom, the playable characters, the powerups, and more.

The game will have local and online multiplayer functionality. Up to four players can play the game in local mode. In online mode, shadows of live players appear. If players die and become a ghost, they can return to the game without losing a life by touching another player or a live player shadow. Players can also send greetings and set Standees, which also revive ghost players. There is also a Friend Race mode.

Nintendo also recently announced a remake of the 1996 Super Mario RPG SNES game, which launches on the Switch on November 17, along with an as-yet untitled game centering on the character Princess Peach, which will ship for the Switch in 2024. Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon will also be remade for the Switch in 2024.

Source: Nintendo of America‘s YouTube channel

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