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The question of Im’s longevity is one that often comes up. My theory is that Im’s prolonged existence could be attributed to the Ope Ope no Mi fruit, although not necessarily through the rumored Immortality Operation. The Marines’ willingness to pay an insane amount of 5,000,000,000 berries raises my curiosity. While some may argue it’s because of the Immortality Operation, I personally believe that such a procedure may not even be possible and could be nothing more than a myth. After all, we haven’t encountered any truly “immortal” characters so far, despite the fruit’s long existence in which this procedure should’ve happend at least a few times. There are also other things that i find weird. This leads me to consider an alternative possibility.

In Chapter 761 of the manga, Doflamingo mentions the power of the fruit, stating that it can “transplant people’s personalities.” Could this mean that the fruit has the ability to transfer one’s personality into another person? I believe that Im has undergone this process, which is why the Marines were willing to pay such a high price and why Im continues to live on. Perhaps there are certain conditions the new host for somebodys personality must fulfill, which could explain the next part of my theory

There are additional hints that support my Theory. In Chapter 908, we witness Im cutting bounty images of people who pose a threat, yet one person is specifically spared even though they are associated with one of those threats…. Nefertari Vivi from the Kingdom of Arabasta.

This is the same location where Queen Lili, who is presumed to be Im’s original body/personality, comes from. Could it be that Im intends to transfer their personality into Vivi? This could explain why Im doesn’t seek to kill her. Furthermore, we know that Vivi’s father was killed, potentially because he discovered the truth about Im being Lili and paid the price for it. We might conclude this from Vivi’s father interrogating the Five Elders about Lili (Chapter 1084), indicating his extensive knowledge about her and her erased history which Im doesn’t want him to know about.

So what I think is happening with Im is that Lili has undergone this procedure for centuries and that’s why they are still alive. Not because they’re immortal.

As Doflamingo said it’s a useful power that can transplant personalities. Which is why I have another theory that is somewhat far-fetched. What if you can transplant personalities into inanimate objects like the devil fruit or into completely other creatures. I know this seems far fetched but just wanted to say that 🙂

*Theory by Satalatala

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