Titan Manga Licenses The Poetry of Ran, Tengen Hero Wars Manga – News

Company releases The Poetry of Ran on December 12, Tengen Hero Wars on January 16

Image courtesy of Titan Manga

Titan Manga announced at San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday that it has licensed The Poetry of Ran and Tengen Hero Wars manga.

Titan Manga will release the first volume of Yūsuke Ōsawa‘s The Poetry of Ran (Kegare no Uta) manga on December 12.

In this high-fantasy tale there are monster who devour people and all their evil — and the only way to banish them is to absorb these impurities. Torue, a young bard struggling to make a name for herself encounters one such monster hunter, a young man name Ran and decides to travel with him to gain inspiration from his exploits!

Osawa debuted the manga in Fujimi Shobo‘s Dragon Age Extra magazine in September 2017, and ended it in December 2019. The manga’s second compiled book volume shipped in Japan in January 2020

Image courtesy of Titan Manga

Titan Manga will release the first volume of Yasu Hiromoto and Kubaru Sakanoichi‘s Tengen Hero Wars (Tengen Eiyū Taisen) manga on January 16.

After receiving a mysterious invitation to ‘come play in Heaven’ Oda Nobunaga and his sister are transported to a mysterious new world where the mightiest warriors from history will meet to do battle! Here the pair will meet legendary figures such as Napoleon, Julius Caesar, Zhuge Liang and plenty of others, to see who will be crowned the greatest of all time!

Hiromoto and Sakanoichi launched the manga in Comic Zenon in 2021. The manga’s fourth compiled book volume shipped in Japan on Thursday.

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