What is Akainu’s history with Monkey D. Dragon? – One Piece

With the reveal that the Nefertari are in fact D. clan members, it made me question are there other mysteries or hidden family relations or ties with other One Piece characters that are in plain sight?

I know I’m going to get flamed for this and I know how crazy it sounds, but I think theres a chance (not a big one but possible lol) that Akainu is brothers with Dragon, just like how Luffy was brothers with Ace. Not blood related but through the same ceremony that Ace, Luffy, and Sabo did with Sake.

The biggest piece of evidence to me is Akainu’s name. Akainu isn’t his real name it’s his Marine nickname and his real name is Sakazuki which translates to “Sake cup” and a “Sakazuki ceremony” is exactly what Luffy, Ace, and Sabo did to solidify their comradery as true brothers.

Where I’m going with this is Oda doesn’t just pick random names for important main characters in the story and the fact that he made Akainu’s real name “Sakazuki” which means Sake cup makes me think it has to have some importance or foreshadowing , especially because Sake in the One Piece story has been very significant since its been shown multiple times that its a catalyst used for comradery, pledging loyalties and creating families.

When its revealed that Luffy is Dragon’s son during the Marineford War, there seems to be some kind of personal vendetta that Akainu shows towards Luffy and his connection to Dragon, you can chalk this up to him just being a marine who wants absolute justice and pirates/revolutionaries are bad especially Dragon their leader, but to me it feels way more personal than just his Marine’s duty, throughout the whole war Akainu only refers to Luffy as “Son of Dragon” and “Dragon’s son” multiple times.

What if Dragon, Akainu and someone else also did the Sakazuki ceremony and became brothers? And what if their goal at the time was justice for the world and they all decided to achieve that goal by becoming marines? Dragon later on abandons the ideals of what the Marines stands for and creates the polar opposite, the Freedom Fighters, and eventually the Revolutionary Army. Somewhat breaking his brotherly bond with Akainu which ultimately is the reason why Akainu absolutely hates Dragon now.

The feud or disconnect between Dragon and Akainu could of happened many different ways. Akainu didn’t join the Marines till he was 23, so what was he doing before that? And since Dragon’s father is Garp he must of had a huge Marine influence on him just like Garp was trying to do with Ace and Luffy. So were Akainu and Dragon friends for a long time then became brothers, then became Marines together and something happened that made Dragon abandon the Marines and become a Freedom fighter, resulting in Akainu’s hatred for him?

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