Yūko Emoto, Makoto Kobayashi Launches New Arc for Joshi Judo Bu Monogatari Manga – News

Manga’s “Shakai-jin hen” features protagonist Emo Kagura as a working adult

Yūko Emoto and Makoto Kobayashi launched a new arc for their Joshi Judo Bu Monogatari manga titled Joshi Judo Bu Monogatari: Shakai-jin hen (Joshi Judo Bu Monogatari: Working Adult Arc) on Kodansha‘s Comic Days app and website on Wednesday.

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The new arc tells the story of protagonist Emo Kagura fighting for the Olympic gold medal, now as a working adult.

Emoto and Kobayashi launched the Joshi Judo Bu Monogatari manga in Kodansha‘s Evening magazine in 2016. Emoto, a real-life Judo Olympic gold medal winner writes the story, and Kobayashi draws the manga.

The manga moved its serialization on the Comic Days app and website on April 30.
The manga’s “High School Judo Arc” ended in its 15th compiled book volume, which shipped in Japan on August 23.

Kobayashi’s original 11-volume Judo Bu Monogatari manga ran from 1985-1991, and it inspired a two-episode OVA in 1991. Dark Horse Comics released part of Kobayashi’s What’s Michael? manga in English. The manga also inspired two OVA series and a TV anime series.

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